Favors and Prizes

Personalized or Standard Placemats

Placemats are laminated for easy cleaning and long life.
Can be personalized with students name on the place card at the top of the placemat.

If you do not wish to have your placemat personalized the place card will have a NLJC logo in place of the name.

The size of the finished placemat is 11×17.
You may choose from the following colors white, red, yellow, or blue.

Price: $3.50

If you would like personalization, please enter name:

NLJC Snap Band Bracelet

The bracelet comes in hunter green with white text. This gift is fun for students of all ages.

Price: $2.00

NLJC Retro Logo Sticker

This new NLJC logo design is a 4″ x 4″, vinyl-finish sticker. It is perfect for students to put on water bottles, notebooks, laptops, and much more!

Price: $2.00

NLJC Keychain

NLJC Keychain in hunter green changes to a light, yellow-green color when exposed to sunlight.

Price: $2.25

NLJC Notebook

NLJC notebook with pen holder.

Available in white

Price: $4.50


NLJC Drawstring Bag

Black drawstring bag with white NLJC crest.

Price: $4.00 each

drawstring bag-sm

NLJC Sunglasses

Black sunglasses with NLJC crest and name etched in white.

Price: $2.50 each

NLJC Color Changing Sunglasses

Sunglasses with the NLJC crest that appear to be white but change to blue when in the sun

Price: $2.50 each

NLJC Flashlight

Flashlights (green in color) with “National League of Junior Cotillions” and NLJC crest imprinted on the back

Price: $2.00 each

NLJC Koozies

Available in green

Price: $1.50


NLJC Logo Cups

Available in Green or White

Price: $1.50

green cup-sm

NLJC Frosted Clear Cups

Clear cup with Green logo

Price: $1.50

frosted cups-sm

NLJC Color Changing Cup

Price: $1.50

color change-2-sm

NLJC Orbitz Tumbler with Logo

Orbitz Tumbler with logo

Price: $6.10

clear coffee tumbler-sm

NLJC Green Water Bottle

Price: $3.00

green water bottle-sm

NLJC Earbuds with logo

Available in White

Price: $2.50


NLJC Gift Bags

Available in Green

Price: $2.00

gift bag-sm

NLJC Pop Socket

White Pop Socket with NLJC crest that can be used as a phone grip or stand

Price: $2.00

pop socket-sm

NLJC Fidget Spinner

Black fidget spinner with white NLJC crest in the center

Price: $2.00


NLJC Writing Pens

Green or silver writing pens with the NLJC crest

Price: $1.50

green pen-sm

NLJC Pencil

Price: $0.75


NLJC Tumbler with Straw

Clear Plastic tumbler with a black NLJC crest and straw

Price: $4.00

clear straw tumbler-sm

NLJC Cooler Bag

Green and beige insulated cooler bag with NLJC crest

Price: $7.00

cooler bag-sm

NLJC Logo Stickers

Sticker with NLJC logo

Price: $1.50

roll of stickers-sm

Small NLJC Logo Magnet

Small sized magnet with NLJC logo

Price: $4.50

small magnet-sm

Large NLJC Logo Magnet

Large sized magnet with NLJC logo

Price: $10.50

large magnet-2-sm

NLJC Logo Hand Sanitizer

Note- This bottle of hand sanitizer is 62% alcohol which meets the CDC’s recommended amount.

Price: $2.00

hand sani-sm

NLJC Frisbee

Price: $2.50


NLJC Lanyard

Price: $2.50