NLJC has many directors who work full time as teachers or business professionals and continue to serve as chapter directors year after year. You can too!

Developing an NLJC chapter is not a 40-hour week commitment. Weeks leading up to your Parents’ Reception as well as the first-class require more diligence. However, plenty of directors effortlessly incorporate their cotillion responsibilities into their day-to-day lives. We are here to help you each step of the way.

The price associated with the franchise fee varies by territory. We will provide this information before you receive your agreement and are more than happy to schedule a time with you to discuss. 

Typically, any given chapter will be made up of three to four public middle schools. Additionally, the territory might also contain two to three private schools. Again, we work with you to select schools and these details will be communicated to you before receiving your agreement.

Did we miss any of your questions?  Our chapter development team is happy to provide clear answers to any questions you may have during the virtual or phone interview.